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DIEGO CLAVEL "Anthology of Cantes"

Sometimes, most of them, we feel fully satisfied with the work that we are humbly doing. Today, our satisfaction is immense, because we have just published a work that will contribute a grain of sand to Flamenco, which will be important

for the knowledge of our cultural heritage.

It was in 1991 when a Flamenco singer, Diego Clavel, stopped by our studio, planning to record an album with 30 Malagueñas. We had never recorded anything about Flamenco and our environments were very far from that world, but the enthusiasm, enthusiasm and confidence that we saw in this man infected us and we began to work on his project.

After endless hours of filming, we got into it. We began to understand Flamenco and Flamencos. We got to know Diego in depth, how he studied each variant of the Malagueñas, their creators and their differences ...

From there we move on to what this writing intends to convey, 40 years of friendship and work, countless days of recordings, and the project expanded. Thus came the Fandangos, the Soleá, the Cantes de Levante, the seguiriyas that, together with that first project, make up this box with 10 CDs where Diego exposes all his research work, contributing unmatched personal vocal qualities that have made him essential in the History of Flamenco.

KAR7603 DIEGO CLAVEL "Anthology of cantes"

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