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Changing the mixer for the computer keyboard, but without losing the determination and savoir-faire that characterize it, Navi presents an official history of the Antequera Blues Festival where historical documentation is combined with reflections, experiences and good doses of humor to form a rather informal story, without which the meaning and value of one of the most emblematic cultural events on summer nights in Antequera could not be understood. The generous visual and sound content, carefully chosen, immerses the reader-viewer in unique and unrepeatable moments.

The thirty years wrongly counted of blues in Antequera allow us to recreate with realism and imagination the musical adventures of two ingenious friends who, like knights errant, walk their way in search of a dream. Forty years after the germ emerged, in full Transition, they are still there, making the utopia a reality.

This tale so well told of the blues in Antequera becomes a key testimonial piece of the Spanish musical legacy. Any generation that comes to read, contemplate and hear its pages will see the great importance of the counterculture in the heritage of a people.

CD133t- L. -A.Navarro "Navi" Treinta años mal contados de Blues en Antequera.

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