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Works that must be done yes or yes.

Cambayá Records, the record production company located in our city for 38 years and specialized in Blues and Flamenco, has just released a new cultural project that under the name of Flamenco y Republica “Cantes de la Memoria”, exposed to the consideration and criticism of the general public.
For this they send us the following synopsis of the same that explains the project:

From its origins, we find the presence of the Flamencos committed and involved with causes of a social and / or political nature in Spanish history.
In our proposal, we place them in the persecution of the gypsy people, liberal proclamations of the 19th century, 2nd republic, Civil War, Postwar and Transition. Reliving the exploits of its heroes and martyrs: Mariana Pineda, Generals Riego y Torrijos, Capitanes Galán and García Hernández, Che Guevara, Juan Paredes, Manuel Caparrós ...

Of those artists, we pay tribute to Manuel Vallejo, Niño de la Huerta, Guerrita, Corruco de Algeciras, Luis Caballero, El Bizco Amate, El Piyayo or Luis Marín, among others. They fought and sang for their ideals, receiving exile, oblivion, humiliation, contempt and in some cases death in return.

His important legacy, scarce material and on many occasions deteriorated, motivated us to record and perform his work with interpreters and technical means of our time, interspersing fidelity with creative freedom, as well as the inclusion of some unpublished cante and others of his own authorship.

For Flamenco and Republica we have had singers such as Diego Clavel, Paco Moyano, Silvestre Contreras, Raúl Montesinos, Juan Francisco Rivera, Curra Vargas, Alonso el Chumbo, Paco el de la negra, Amala Fernandez, Isabel Fernandez and guitarist like Antonio Soto, Francis Martín, Nano from Marbella.

The songs range from fandangos, Mirabrás, Pain jondo (Caló), Verdiales, Cartageneras, Bulerias, Cantes del piyayo, Soleá etc.

In The texts, Alfredo Grimaldos, the litoral magazine, Lorenzo Savall, who has illustrated the cover with his paintings, which has been designed by Barbara Tromp, have collaborated.

The recording and production was done in Antequera in Cambayá, and this week we will include cuts from the presentation of the album that on Friday 23rd, we had the pleasure of presenting live with some of the participants.


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