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CD. "Cannonball"
Ref. CK
Karonte / Cambayá

Saying at this point that Seville has always been the cradle of good guitarists is already obvious, but it continues to be a proven reality. As soon as you listen to two or three songs on this album, you will fully realize what we are saying.
If we take as a point of reference the middle of the sixties, the time of the emergence of a good number of rock, progressive and Rythm and Blues bands in the city of Guadalquivir, Kid Carlos Moreno is the maximum exponent of this third generation of Sevillian guitarists who make their way among their respected successors.

We met him when he was still a kid at the Antequera blues festival in a Cambayá Blues Reunion that we dedicated to young guitarists five years ago. Since then, his technique with the guitar and his career has not stopped developing and his prestige already leaps from the national level and is already recognized outside our borders. The mythical producer Mike Vernon has made it a fixture within the Mighty Combo, the band that accompanies him on his return to the stage as a singer and has filled his agenda with concerts in England, Scotland, Germany, Holland and Norway, and record the guitars of the last two albums of the British.

Despite all this hustle and bustle, Carlos has not lost his way, and has found time to record what is his first album work with his own band: Stefano Di Rubbo (Drums) Lalu Cordón (Bass) and Txaco Jones (Voice ). It has a total of sixteen songs collecting the legacy of Freddie King in which he adds the keyboards of Álvaro Gandul and includes the voice of Mike Vernon as a soloist in two of them.

We are with this band and this album in a new adventure.

Cambayá Records.

CK6109 -KID CARLOS BAND "Cannonball"

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